Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I love about Saturdays...

Saturdays Agenda:

Made Kenny Waffles

Ran errands with Sally

Enjoyed a carb-free dinner... Kenny is a big eater and we have to have carbs and meat at every meal or Kenny qualifies it as a "snack".... So since Kenny was working tonight I made a healthy carb-free dinner: Salmon, Greek salad, and spinach.

Then I decided me and Sally would have a girls night in... So I bought a bottle of wine and a new magazine. I got home and went to open the bottle of wine and realized I had brought my wine opener to D.C. , which didn't make it's way back home... So I used other resources... Thankfully I went to college:) If college only taught me one thing it was how to open a bottle of wine with out a wine opener. Now for most people who love wine like my self wouldn't want to cork stuck down into the bottle.. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Thankfully I only buy bottles under 8 dollars and what's a little cork damage?

Finally enjoying my wine, painting my nails, and reading a new wedding magazine!

Happy Saturday!


Faith said...

sounds like a fabulous day to me!!! dinner looks delish!!! and the waffles, yum!