Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th in DC!!

4th of July in D.C. was AMAZING!!

1st night we went to Jazz on the Greens. It was a packed concert in a park that was so fun!

2nd Day- We did some touristy things... Walked around Georgetown, saw the capital, and went
shopping. Then celebrated Liz's birthday in the city.
Sprinkle's Cupcakes<3
Georgetown for drinks on the water:)
Some statue...
Birthday Girl:)

Day 3- We went to the Eastern Market?( I cant remember what it was callled) but.... It was a neat little market with artwork, vintage, and food. At night we went to a local bar, and called it a day.

Dancing the night away..

Day 4- 4th of JULY!!!! It was seroiusly the best day ever- so many memories and so much fun.
Finally! On the last day we made it to the White House.

Meet up with Chi Omegas:)
The firework show was incredible.. The biggest fireworks I have ever seen.

20 Friends
Over 30 hours in the car
3 Hotel Rooms
20 bottles of Chardonnay
20 Miles of walking
Way too many jokes, laughter, and good times to count:)



Courtney@SDB said...

Looks fun! I live 1.5 hours from DC and I'm going there this weekend for a girls night out. My good friend lives there and she loves the Eastern Market. I haven't been yet, need to go!

Natasha said...

love love love me some sprinkles cupcakes!!!