Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another week of vacation:)

I have decided to become a professional vacationer for my career. This week... Savannah and Hilton Head. Tomorrow we are off for a Shafer family vacation. Kenny's dad is a doctor and has to attend a conference once a year.. This year is Hilton Head! We are so excited to spend some time in Hilton Head with Kenny's siblings and stepmom. On our way to Hilton Head we are making a pit stop in Savannah to do a little exploring. The only thing that isn't fun about being a professional vacationer is I have to leave my little baby girl behind:(
I have also become a professional packer:)

Pictures from last night when we meet up with Laura, Terry and his girlfriend Kristine for drinks downtown...

Be back later this week:)


Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

have fun in hilton head!

ps-just fell in love with your blog and following now :)

Natasha said...

we love hilton head!! for sure you have to do salty dog cafe--always a must!