Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Update!

The past few days Kenny and I have been busy doing wedding things in Tallahassee. We meet with the photographer, wedding planner, and went and saw the venue. It was nice to get big things out of the way like the photographer, we are so happy with our choice. After meeting her in person and hearing a million good reviews about her we know we made a good choice.Woodlands Fields Photography will photograph our engagement pictures, bridal pictures, rehearsal dinner, and the WEDDING! We also meet with John Gandy, wedding planner, who really got a sense of what Kenny and I envisioned for the wedding. Both John Gandy and Woodlands were just featured in The Knot, so I know we would be in good hands:)! We also did a walk through of the "new" venue. It was awesome! It is a plantation, so the main "house" ( It was remodeled to be a venue not house) is were the actual reception will take place and they have smaller houses around the property where the wedding party gets ready.

Here is the inside of the venue decorated..

Happy Hump Day


Anonymous said...

I went to high school with your photographer! She's very sweet! I also love your reception location. I've been to a few weddings there and it's always so pretty.


Hannah said...

love the reception site! on another note, i can only think of john candy when thinking of your planner john gandy, ha!

Faith said...

gorgeous venue!