Monday, September 19, 2011


OMG this weekends weather was HOT. Where's fall????The UF TENNESSEE game was at 330 , and I was ready to leave by 4... I patiently waited till the 3rd quarter though before I complained, and Kenny was ready to leave then too because of the heat! Tommy ( Kenny's BFF ) came in to town for the game and he had never been to a college football game so we were thrilled to take him to his first game. Kenny and I take for granted growing up in a college football town and going to games every weekend growing up. Surprising lots of our college friends have NEVER been to a college football game. Before the game we made our way to a couple of tailgates and scored free tickets through a friend! Sunday we spent the day recovering... Now let's hope the next two weeks go by fast because all my bestie girlfriends are coming in town for the Alabama game!