Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Gameday as a semi-Gator Fan

The weekend was a success! Kenny and I enjoyed our first football game in Gainesville. We had a couple friends come up for the weekend to help us party! On Saturday we woke up and got ready, the game wasn't till 7 so we hung out at our house for a little bit and then moved our party to a tailgate on campus. We tailgated all day and then last minute bought tickets to the game.. we got a guy to a give us 5 tickets for 20 dollars! We honestly didn't even know if we were going to end up going to the game because we hadn't bought tickets beforehand, but we ended up lucky:) 

My gator spirited spread! 

Andrew and Laura

 Jeanette and my Chi Omega grand little Gabby:)

Kenny doing the gator chomp at the game...

It was a great weekend , I am ready to do it all again next weekend:)



Natasha said...

looks like a great weekend!!! wishing we were coming to gainesville this weekend to support our VOLS, but we'll be at the beach staying away from the gators ;)