Monday, August 8, 2011


Kenny and I have been "attempting" to run stadiums at night, they are alot harder than they look!

On Thursday night in Gainesville you can find everyone at penny wine night... including us:) Last Thursday we met up with Laura and Richie for some penny wine.

( Laura & Richie)

Kelly's ( My MOH) little sister, Casey, is a junior at UF and moved into her new apartment on Tuesday so their mom and grandma were in town so we went to happy hour and dinner.
( Kenny, Kel's Grandma, and Mom)

(Casey, Kelly, and ME!)


Kelly and I sharing our Bacardi bucket. Through college I worked for Bacardi doing promotions then got Kelly a job, so we love our Bacardi!

Meet Coco.... We baby sat Kenny's bosses chiwawa for the week. Sally isn't to found of other dogs, and gets very jealous. Poor Sally:( Coco was a bundle of energy, Sally has never seen a dog with that amount of energy before so we had a entertaining week watching them play.

That's all!



Rebecca said...

cute pics!! Lovin UF's field

Newlymeds said...

great pics, looks like fun!!

Caitlin C. said...

Looks like a fun weekend, the pictures are great! And penny wine night?! I wish they had this somewhere close to me!