Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Terry:)

Yesterday was Terry's ( Kenny's childhood BFF who is in the same grad program as Kenny) BIRTHDAY! A week ago I told Terry I would make him a cake for his birthday, but yesterday I wasn't feeling the whole cake thing and decided on cupcakes. Terry had requested German Chocolate Cake, so thats what I made! Semi-homemade though... I used box cake mix and made homemade icing.


The boys had their orientation for UF yesterday and played night golf last night. So tonight we are going out on the town to celebrate. I have to end the night early though because I have my first Junior League of Gainesville event tomorrow at 7 am! Yikes! I am excited to get going though and meet new people:)

This is the last weekend of summer! Kenny and I will both be up and going this Monday morning because Kenny's first day of school is Monday, and I start the first day of my new job! Starting this week we have plans basically every weekend untill Christmas. Next weekend my Mom and MOH are coming to go dress shopping with me, and do some wedding planning. The next weekend we are going to Land-O-Lakes to celebrate Labor Day weekend with our friends on the Lake. Then after that its FOOTBALL every weekend, with a few out of town trips, and Tallahassee trips in between.