Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gainesville Livin'

Finally situated in Gainesville!!!!!
Well kinda...
We still need some furniture and decorations, but we have all the necessities:)
Got internet today and cable!
We moved in on Saturday and my mom came Saturday night , Kenny's dad came Sunday, and Kenny's mom came Tuesday so we have had a alot of help with the whole apartment.
Saturday we woke up super early drove to IKEA, and then to Gainesville...
IKEA as much as I love the reasonably priced furniture the whole "process" of IKEA is annoying. Saturday night my mom came and we walked to a sushi restaurant ( Dragonfly) which is across the street from us. Then Sunday was more unpacking ( ew ) and assembling furniture ( ew) with Kenny's dad.
Sunday night we walked to dinner again. It's so nice being able to walk anywhere:)
( Kenny at Harry's)
Monday we just spent the day organizing...
And finally today, we are all settled in ( minus decorations etc..)
I made dinner for the first time in our apartment.
Spinach Lasagna Rolls and Ranch Squash

And can't forget Kenny's peanut butter cookies:)

Sally is not sure what to think of this new home:(


Sarah Mina said...

we are moving soon, too, and I am dreading it! although I can't wait to have more space to decorate :)