Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A day in the life of... ME:)!

A day in the life of me being unempl0yed consists of..
- Getting up around 10 making coffee and a green smoothie.
-Going to the gym.
-Applying for JOBS!!!
-Making 10 million "lists"
-Make dinner
-Take Sally for a walk to Mochi, yummy:) Sally loves frozen yogurt!

Keurig is the best thang eva... Coffee for lazy people who like to skip the usual 10 steps to make a cup of coffee.

Green smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, protein powder, and almond milk
Got my inspiration from this blog - Peanut Butter Fingers

This is just one of 4 lists I have running!

Tonight I made Shrimp Creole, SOO Good EASY & HEALTHY!

Sally wondering were her big girl cup of Mochi is. Sorry Sally but you only get a sample cup:)

Only 100 calories per cup! I think I have more calories in toppings than yogurt;/



Sarah Mina said...

Love the Keurig! We got one for our wedding but it's still in the box until we move next week but I can't wait to bust it out and start using it!