Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

6 months away!!!!! Can't control my excitement in this house. I usually have a spaz moment about once a day were I freak out and scream in Kenny's ear "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED" . We get more and more checked off our list each day which makes it feel more real.

Here are some up dates:

Flower Girl Dress... Done!
Kenny's niece Katie Rose will be walking down the aisle in this cute little dress. This is just a example of one. Hers will be white with a pink monogram, and she'll wear a big bow in her hair:) Laughing Giraffe is a etsy shop and has really adorable dresses for little girls.

Bridesmaid Shoes... Done!
I picked out these Michael Kors wedges in silver. I had never thought of wedges before, but saw them in a picture on a wedding blog and thought it was really cute. 

Dress for Wedding Reception
I want to keep my dress on for the majority of the night but I have ordered a dress because I know I am going to be super hot... and my dress is heavy so I bought a dress similar to this, mine is being custom made so I wont get to know want it really looks like until it gets here, but I am positive it will perfect. LaRouque is a great company and was so nice to work with, can't wait to get mine!

Bridal Luncheon
I have almost everything together for this, just have to work out minor details with the caterer, and get invitations, and finalize decorations.

Hair and Makeup, Booked! 
Our wedding planner referred both of these and I pulled the trigger and booked both. Randi Buchanan is doing makeup for the entire wedding party, and  for my Mom and I! Her services include airbrushing, false eye lashes, and all day assistance. So right before I walk down the aisle she will be right there touching me up... So excited for that! A local salon Green Paridot will be doing hair, I am so excited to start doing test runs in July, if only I can decide how I want my hair for the wedding... I am really leaning toward half up half down, but with the heat of August it might end all up. 

MOG & MOB dresses, Check! 

Still to tackle:
cake tasting
order ties for groomsmen
a million other little things....

I am having Kenny's step dad "build" me and few things and then Kenny's mom who is a professional painter is going to paint some signs and such for the wedding reception.

Things to make:
"Here comes the bride" sign
Chalkboard Menu Sign
Wooden Sign for the front of our venue
Moss Letters