Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Years Resolutions.. Better late then never!

A little late to making new years resolutions, but never late than never? That's my theory. I have not made an official list or anything of things that I would like to accomplish but I have kind of had them just floating in my mind. After-all, who keeps their resolutions past February? Hopefully me...:) Why is it though that men don't make resolutions like women do? i asked Kenny if he had any new years resolutions and he looked at me like I was nuts for even asking. I guess I have enough to share:)

I. Cook more! I go through a love hate relationship with cooking. I love cooking but hate grocery shopping, so I never get food to cook with. With work, JL, and being out of town a lot its hard to even grocery shop because I never know if ill even be home at dinner time. I would love to lose a few pounds before May for my bachelorette party and ultimately the wedding. So eating at home usually is healthier than eating out. My goal is to make a new recipe once a week. So far I have kept up with trying new recopies. I usually will just make salmon and veggies for dinner, but it does get a little boring. So making new things every week will spice up our dinner routine. 

These are recipes we have tried so far, and their reviews:
Mini Apple Pies: these were so good! Kenny and I both love them and at one too many.
Pepperoni Lasagna: this was tasty too. Kenny voted it 5 thumbs up and said it was his new favorite meal.
Crock Pot Orange Chicken: I thought this dish was good, Kenny said "never make that again"... LOL

2. Work out at least 5 days a week. I sometimes work out 5 days a week and sometimes I work out 2 days a week, so I want to get more consistent and keep a work out journal. Crossing my figures I can keep this goal.

3. READ! I haven't read a book in so long. I would like to start reading at night, now I just have to find a book to get reading! I find picking a book is hard, almost as hard as picking it up and reading it... Maybe ill start this resolution tomorrow. 

Thats all for my resolutions, I think 3 resolutions is a good reasonable number to try and keep:)