Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FSU vs. Miami

Another weekend in Tallahassee came and went... The weekend started early on the Thursday when my parents came to Gainesville for the night. We spent the night eating at our favorite local sushi restaurant before heading over to the new wine bar in town and then ending our night with frozen yogurt. ( Let's be honest with Mochi in walking distance to our house not many nights don't end with frozen yogurt). Friday we woke up early and hit the road for Tallahassee, when we got there I spent the afternoon getting ready for our engagement pictures! I can't wait to see them, I have checked my email every 20 minutes since Friday hoping possibly she edited a few, no email yet:( Friday night we had a fish fry at my parent's friends house. YUM! I ate my weight in fried food while downing some fruity cocktails. Saturday we were up early for the game, but before we could start tailgating we had to fill up on some Kripsyy Kremes. I think this is when I realized I hadn't had any kind of nutritional  substances in 48 hours. Whoopsie. The game was a blast, we ate and drank all kinds of yummies all day then called it a night. Sunday I slept the whole way home and pleasantly woke up to a art festival going on downtown. We ended our fun weekend walking around the festival. Fun weekend... DOUBLE CHECK. 

Now for the pictures:)





p.V.e said...

LOVE that youre a Florida State fan! My cousin goes there and I am dying to visit!!