Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend in Tally!

Kenny and I spent last weekend in Tallahassee. On Friday my parents came in town for the game and we went for sushi and ended our night at the Wine Loft and Krewe de Gras. Saturday was the FSU Maryland game, Kenny and I spent the morning tailgating with our friends before heading to our "VIP" seats with my parents. We get spoiled watching games with my parents because you can drink and eat the whole game with out the crazyness of people in the stands. Sunday we headed back to Gainesville early so Kenny could catch up on homework. If only weekends were 3 days...

<3 Him:)

Mom and Dad

Mom and Future Mother-in-Law

Can't wait till were back for another game in 2 weekends! Hopefully it will go by fast, and we have things to look forward to in between now and then. Next weekend were off to Fort Myers for Kenny to fix up the house he owns down there and for me to spend time with my friends and parents, and then the next weekend is UF homecoming and a bunch of our friends are coming up for the game! Our weekends never have a dull moment:) 



Portuguese Prepster said...

sounds like a great weekend!